Krug champagne

Champagne Krug

The excellence of taste

The Champagne Krug winery, founded in 1843 in Reims in the Champagne region, is renowned for its dedication to excellence in the champagne world. Located in the Montagne de Reims macro-region, in the Marne department, Krug cultivates 18 hectares of vineyards using conventional viticulture methods. Winemaker Julie Cavil leads the art of producing approximately 700,000 bottles a year. Champagne Krug's philosophy is based on the pursuit of sensory excellence, handing down knowledge and traditions for generations. Buying or gifting wine produced by Champagne Krug means immersing yourself in a unique experience of taste and refinement. Perfect for special celebrations or as a prestigious gift, a Krug Champagne represents the essence of elegance and gustatory pleasure.

Buy or gift wine produced by the Champagne Krug cellar

Choosing to buy or gift wine produced by the Champagne Krug cellar means offering an extraordinary taste experience. With their high quality and prestigious champagnes, such as Krug Grande Cuvée or Krug Vintage, every sip becomes a moment of luxury and refinement. Ideal for celebrating anniversaries, weddings or special occasions.

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In our online wine shop, we sell Krug Champagne wines at highly advantageous prices. Choose from an exclusive selection of champagnes produced by the renowned Krug cellar and enjoy delivery in Italy within 48 hours. Each bottle represents an opportunity to immerse yourself in sensory excellence, giving or tasting a product of the highest quality. Buy Champagne Krug wines online and enjoy the pleasure of a refined taste at affordable prices.

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