Hardys Wines

Hardys Wines

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Hardys Wines is a renowned South Australian winery, located in the by McLaren Vale. Founded way back in 1853, it represents a history of family tradition that extends over six generations of the Hardys’ family. Led by winemaker Paul Lapsley, Hardys Wines is committed to creating superior quality wines using conventional viticulture and innovative production methods. The winery extends over vast production areas, in particular McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek, where the soil conditions and climate allow for high quality grapes to be obtained. With an annual production of approximately 18 million bottles, Hardys Wines offers a wide range of wines, from aromatic Chardonnay to robust Cabernet Sauvignon, which express the unique and distinctive character of the Australian territory.

Buy or gift wine produced by Hardys Wines

Choosing to buy or gift wine produced by Hardys Wines means immersing yourself in the wine excellence of 'South Australia. Each bottle contains the tradition of a family that has been creating quality wines for over 6 generations, such as the renowned Shiraz of McLaren Vale. Delight your senses and surprise your loved ones with an unforgettable gift.

Sale of Hardys Wines wines online at top prices

In our online wine shop, we offer the wines from Hardys Wines at super advantageous prices. From iconic wines like Langhorne Creek's Chardonnay to prestige labels like McLaren Vale's Cabernet Sauvignon, you can discover the diversity and quality of Hardys' creations. Fast delivery within 48 hours in Italy to savor Australian elegance directly to your home.

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