Tenuta San Guido

Tenuta San Guido

Explore the excellence of the Tenuta San Guido winery

Tenuta San Guido, one of the most prestigious Italian wineries, is located in the enchanting territory of Bolgheri, famous for its cypresses and its natural beauty. Founded in 1940 by the Marquis Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, the winery boasts a long tradition in the production of high quality wines. The philosophy of Tenuta San Guido is based on excellence, attention to detail and enhancement of the territory. The winery is dedicated to the cultivation of native grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese, exploiting the unique characteristics of the Bolgheri terroir. Through careful selection of the grapes and meticulous vinification, Tenuta San Guido creates wines of great elegance and complexity, which express the authenticity and identity of the territory. Their famous Sassicaia wine has gained international fame, becoming a point of reference for lovers of quality wines. The passion for excellence and the ambition to create extraordinary wines characterize the history and philosophy of Tenuta San Guido, making it an icon in the Italian and world wine scene.

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Their wines are the result of a centuries-old passion for viticulture and represent the excellence of the Bolgheri area, famous for its cypresses and lush lands. Every sip of the wine from Tenuta San Guido is an emotional journey through its intense aromas and distinctive character, giving you unforgettable moments of pleasure.

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